About the May ValleyCat

The May ValleyCat is a single-day endurance ride morphing the the organization (or lack thereof) of urban Alley Cat rides and self-supported endurance rides. This event springs from the minds of riders in the Idyllwild, CA area explicitly as a fundraiser for Idyllwild Cycling Club’s recent advocacy efforts in the May Valley trail system. The Idyllwild Cycling Club is aligning with IMBA and 100% of your registration donations will go to joining IMBA and carrying out IMBA affiliated advocacy efforts on Idyllwild single track systems. The May ValleyCat’s suggested donation is $25, but no riders will be turned away for lack of funds. The ride is capped at 70 riders.

The ride start is set for 8am, July 28th, 2012. It will end at or before 3pm. You will fill the time between riding your bike on single track to some or all of the Cat’s predetermined checkpoints. Some or all of the checkpoints will be announced just before we ride. Some of the checkpoints may require the riders to perform a task, such as a circus act. Click through to the registration page to get your rider number assigned. All riders will need a number to join in the checkpoint fun.
The route you use is entirely up to you. Basic map-and-compass skills may be required, or you may request help from other riders.
The ride starts and ends at Hub Cyclery, Idyllwild.

A printable map is available for free download. (large file)

Time will be tabulated and recorded via a sign-in/ sign-out logbook. Your number will be assigned after you go through the Registration Page.


  • Ride your bike.
  • Be a good sport
  • Clock in at as many checkpoints as possible
  • Get back to Hub Cyclery by 3pm

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